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Kenny was nothing short of professional. He actually came out to my home right away, which was greatly appreciated as I didn’t have to rearrange my schedule to accommodate a later appointment. He was able to restore heat to my home efficiently and quickly while also providing tips on how to preserve the longevity of my A/C unit. 100% satisfied!

Between noticing that AC had problem & getting it fixed was 2 hours. Best service ever. Didn’t push to replace whole unit as most companies do. Kenny said he would be there between 7&8pm. Arrived at 7pm, evaluated the problem and changed out the broken capacitor in 15min. Recommend to anyone

After purchasing a home in the beginning of the year, I dealt with two AC related issues in May (evaporator coil install) and June (outdoor condenser replacement due to irrepararable leaks). Kenny and his team is extremely reliable delivering on overall service. This is my AC guy!

Services We Offer


AC Repair

Our AC Repair Katy service ensures your comfort during the hottest days. Our skilled technicians swiftly diagnose and fix any issue, from refrigerant leaks to compressor problems, ensuring your system runs efficiently and reliably.


Indoor Air Quality

Breathe easier with our Indoor Air Quality Katy service. We offer solutions like air purifiers, humidifiers, and ventilation systems to improve the air quality in your home, reducing allergens and pollutants for a healthier living environment.


Regular Maintenance

Keep your HVAC system in top condition with our Regular Maintenance Katy service. Regular check-ups prevent unexpected breakdowns, extend the lifespan of your unit, and maintain its efficiency, saving you money on energy bills and repair costs.


AC Installation

Upgrade your comfort with our AC Installation Katy service. Our experts will help you choose the perfect system for your needs and budget, ensuring a seamless installation process for optimal performance and energy efficiency.


AC Tune-Up

Maximize the efficiency and longevity of your AC with our AC Tune-Up Katy service. A comprehensive tune-up includes cleaning, inspecting, and adjusting your system to ensure it's ready to handle the summer heat.


Ductless AC

Experience flexible and efficient cooling with our Ductless AC Katy service. Ideal for homes without ductwork or for targeting specific areas, ductless systems offer easy installation and personalized comfort.


AC Replacement

When it's time for an upgrade, our AC Replacement Katy service provides top-notch options and expert installation. We'll help you select a new, energy-efficient system that meets your needs and budget.


Air Duct

Improve your home's air quality and system efficiency with our Air Duct Katy service. We provide thorough duct cleaning, sealing, and repair to ensure clean airflow and reduce energy costs.


Enhance your comfort and control with our Thermostat Katy service. Upgrade to a smart thermostat for convenient temperature adjustments, energy savings, and remote access to your HVAC system.


How It Works

Prompt Estimate:

Reach out to us today or book an estimate, and we'll provide you with an immediate quote based on your home's size and a few simple questions. Our transparent approach means no hidden costs or surprises.

Pre-Installation Assessment:

Following your estimate, one of our skilled technicians will visit your home to assess and measure your existing equipment. This step is crucial for a seamless installation. We'll also set a date for your installation during this visit.

Expert Installation:

On the day of installation, our technician will arrive fully equipped with everything needed for our comprehensive installation package. We typically complete installations within a single day, minimizing any inconvenience.

Thorough Quality Check:

We're committed to your satisfaction. After the installation, we'll conduct a thorough quality inspection to ensure that your new system meets our high standards and your expectations. We consider our job done only when you're completely satisfied and enjoying the comfort of your home.

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